Prepare for viewings

The most important element of viewings, is to prepare your property thoroughly. Here are a few tips to assist you:

  • Front of the house - ensure it is presentable and shows a property that has been well maintained. Remember if you have a board outside, people will look at the outside of the property.
  • Gardens - Whilst the house is on the market, make sure the lawn is mown regularly, hedge are trimmed and clear any weeds from flowerbed and pathways.
  • Add some colour - Put some pots or hanging baskets with seasonal plants at the front of the property.
  • Keep the property clean and tidy - Presentation is everything, so before each viewing check the property is clean, tidy, well aired and well lit.
  • Cupboards, nooks and crannies - Serious applicants will want to see every room and may want to look in built-in cupboards, such as under the stairs, to see what storage space is available.
  • Decluttering - not only will not only enable the property to look more spacious, but it will help when you are ready to move too as there will less to pack!
  • Blitz that kitchen - The kitchen is sometimes seen as the heart of the house. Ensure all appliances are clean (including the cooker!). Clear away any clutter on work surfaces and draining area, making sure all washing up is done. Also ensure your towels are clean and fresh.
  • Depersonalising - it may seem quite hard to do, but it will help prospective buyers to see themselves living at the property.
  • Bathroom - Ensure it is spotless! Clear away any bath toys and toiletries. Try to ensure the towels are clean and fresh. Throw open the window to clear any moisture and remove any mould.
  • Laundry - Every home accumulates it but if you keep your laundry in the bathroom on or landings, ensure it is all in the basket and not across the floor or obviously overflowing.

It is important to agree with your estate or lettings agents who will be conducting the viewings. Agents are experts and know how to get a property sold or let, saving you time and money. You can also provide the agent with a key to your property so that they can conduct viewings if you are out or unavailable.

If the weather is cold, it is advisable to put the heating on prior to any viewings so the property is warm and comfortable.

Does the agent have everything they need for the viewing, including access information and instructions for heating etc?

If you have pets, consider asking a neighbour or friend to take care of them for you in case the buyers do not like or are allergic to pets.

Should you need any further advice on conducting viewings or what you should do in advance, speak to your estate or lettings agent who can advise you further.